Millions of people are stepping into gyms around the world every day, while the majority of the people who do enter the gym do so and do a decent job, but there are some who enter the gym and drop the proverbial ball in many ways. So, this piece will be poking a little fun at the truly embarrassing things that folks can do at the gym and we are going to be doing this in top ten list fashion. Now it is time for everybody reading this to sit back, grab your favorite protein shake and relax because it is time to look at the ten most embarrassing things that people can do in a gym.

#10: A Bad Tie Job

This is something that is common both inside and outside of the gym, but it is more embarrassing when it happens inside the gym and that is to go through a workout while your shoes remain untied.

#9: Poor Form

This one is not much in the way of a comical thing, but it is embarrassing either way because poor form is a destroyer of many people who enter the gym. The good thing is that poor form can be corrected with many trips to the gym and proper training, so hopefully this will not be an embarrassment to you for very long.

#8: Misuse Of Machinery

Much like poor form, people who enter the gym for the first time tend to misuse the machines a lot of the time and much like with number nine, this can be corrected over time.

#7: Too Much, Too Soon

This continues the list of essentially the mistakes that a lot of newbies make upon their first times in the gym, which is putting too much weight on the machines or other devices, which will cause them a lot of pain and embarrassment, both of which will be hard to forget.

#6: Injure Thy Self

The results of numbers seven through nine of this list lead us to number six, which is when you show poor form…misuse the machines…and add to much weight for lifting, you wind up injuring yourself and that may wind up being pretty embarrassing as well.

#5: Stinky McStinkerton

Everybody perspires while they go through a workout in the gym, but some folks take it too far and their stink overtakes the entire gym, these people can make your time in the gym challenging and the worse the stink, the more embarrassing everything can become.

#4: Puke Nukem

Even worse than leaving your stench around for everybody to enjoy is leaving the image of you puking on the gym equipment and floor, another embarrassing situation for everybody to enjoy.

#3: Pass The Gas

You may leave a stench behind when you smell, you may leave a nasty mess around when you puke and when you pass the gas, you leave the stink around for everybody to enjoy…another embarrassing matter for you to go through.

#2: A Rated X-Perience

Women and men everywhere are naked at least one time a day and when they shower in the gym, it is pretty much mandatory. The worse of the whole mess though is when two naked people bump into each other in the gym, family jewels and some shrubbery later will be embarrassing for all.

#1: A Falling You Will Go

This one has created the most viral videos of any embarrassing gym scenario, which is when a person or persons is running on a treadmill and they face plant, which not only creates the aforementioned viral videos and embarrassing situations.