Steroid cycles enhance your body’s performance, help you to gain mass quickly and improve strength… but us average joes are not the only guys to want to get ripped fast. From rappers to governors here are 5 celebrities who have been accused of steroid usage.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Everyone knows that Arnold, Mr. Universe himself, has used steroid cycles in the past. This was back in 1977 when taking steroid stacks were legal. He has openly admitted that it was the steroid cycle he was on at the time that helped to catapult him to bodybuilding fame. These days, in his seventies, Arnold still looks just as amazing as he always has. He still works out regularly and grinds hard to maintain the body he has always devoted his free time to having.

50 Cent

When his first CD hit shelves, 50 instantly sparked rumors that he did steroids cycles to get the toned physique on the cover. While there is no real proof that 50 has used, he has been linked (along with a long list of other rappers) to a doctor who was investigated for shadily prescribing the best steroid cycles around to celebrities. While this is certainly not proof… it really seems like the rumors may be true. If he is on something – it must be the best steroid stack available because dude is huge.

Danny Bonaduce

This Partridge Family star has had a bit of sketchy past with illicit drugs. Aside from this, he has admitted to taking the best steroid stacks on the market. He has officially become “that guy” at the gym who only talks about protein, supplements and muscle shirts. All jokes aside, Danny is right when he says that the best steroid cycle is the one used in moderation and with wisdom of what you are taking.


Timberland went from a little chunky to a little beefed up in what seemed like overnight. He has never openly admitted to using a steroid cycle but, like 50 Cent, he has been linked to the same doctor investigated for prescribing enhancement drugs to other rappers and celebs. While Timberland is not as large as some of the other guys on the list… his quick transformation does look a little suspicious. Either way – he looks great. Keep up the great work, Timbo.

Dr. Dre

He doesn’t come out of hiding often but when he does… he gets bigger and bigger every time. Dre has often said that he cannot live without his 2 and a half hours at the gym 5 days a week. He has also been quoted saying that it makes him feel like he could “kick a brick wall” and it looks like he just might be right. While he has never admitted to using steroids, many experts say that his body’s makeup has all the tale tell signs of usage. Just don’t say it to his face… he could probably kick your butt and ours too.

From hardcore rappers to leading men, steroids will always be used behind the scenes somewhere and somehow. Taking a steroid stack should always be something that you go into with wisdom. Know what you are putting in your body and don’t overdo it. Remember that dosages are there for a reason. When you take the time to educate yourself, you can safely take your own steroid cycle and be well on your way to achieving the results that you desire.