We average Joes are not the only ones that want to get ripped fast with the help of the best cutting cycle. These celebrities have been rumored to take steroid cutting stacks to achieve their world-famous physiques. So who is really juicing and who isn’t? Let’s find out…

Carrot Top

He started out as that skinny, freckle face ginger with jokes so corny they were actually funny sometimes… how that happened – we don’t know. Then, something else happened. That skinny kid woke up looking like he ate a dinosaur for breakfast. It is pretty clear that he has been on a steroid cutting cycle or two and while we cannot prove it… just take a look at his before and after pictures available online. Next time somebody says Carrot Top isn’t funny… you might want to make sure Carrot Top is not around. He could probably kick your butt and ours too.

Dr. Dre

Say what you will about Dr. Dre’s almost 3 hour per day training sessions but over the years he has gone from 29 percent body fat to 6. That is almost unheard of without taking some kind of steroid cutting cycles on the DL. Dre has always been a hard guy… now his exterior just matches his interior. If Dre is using something to help him get to such impressive numbers, he is likely on one of the very best cutting cycles like Anavar, a potent cutting stack used by builders around the world.

Charlie Sheen

While his thin build present-day does not scream cutting stacks… take a look at some of his old movies and you will see how easy it is to believe that he was using steroids. Hot Shots Part Deux had him looking like he could walk into an a@$ kicking contest and even kick his own butt. With his history of chemical use, many say it was pretty clear that he was on a steroid cutting stack… besides he even admitted it.

Christian Bale

Bale lost a lot of weight for The Machinist but starred in Batman looking like the Incredible Hulk’s baby brother. He swears that he was just doing a lot of great workouts and eating an insane amount of pizza. However, if you are going to deny using steroid cutting stacks… you should probably rethink your dieting lies. We wish we could eat five pizzas a day and look like this. Please… next!

Danny Bonaduce

The Partridge Family star went from a freckle faced kid who loved to sing… to a roid-raging, best steroid cutting cycle taking beast. Danny seems a little bit like a reckless guy but he has made some pretty wise statements about steroids. He says that he believes that they are safe in moderation and should always be taken with knowledge. We could not agree more.

Dwayne Johnson

The Rock is known for everything from wrestling to blockbuster movies but he says that he has not used steroids since he was 19. He and his friends decided to get on the best cutting stack and go balls to the wall in the gym. While this helped to create the physique he is known for today, he now believes that the best steroid cutting stack is none at all. Today, it is all 100 percent natural for The Rock.

Sly Stallone

Both of Stallone’s ex-wives have said that he took plenty of the best steroid cutting cycles back in the 80’s and 90’s. One look at his films and you will agree. While he denied it over and over, he was caught a few years ago in Sydney with HGH and thanks to this now we are pretty dang sure he was also on the best cutting stacks just like his ex-wives claimed.

If you are considering going on a cutting cycle, remember to do your research. Steroids can be safe in moderation and when you know what you are doing. Remember to stick to the guidelines and dosages, giving special attention to any precautions for those with current health issue. When you do, you will meet your goals safely.