Body builders of today look at steroids as the logical choice to help them achieve greater mass and better performance. However, things weren’t always this clear-cut. Anabolic steroid use for these purposes is only a couple of decades old. Before this, athletes and enthusiasts had to rely on other methods to achieve the body of their dreams. The first mainstream drug to become a market success is Dianabol and it still retains its lofty stature until today. It has a rather colorful history that is directly related to the complexities of geo-political relations. Let’s take a brief look at how this drug came about and its place in the world today.

The 1940s: USSR Dominates Olympic Sports

Sports have always been a way for countries to establish their dominance in a non-violent manner. The Olympics is the biggest stage for this and so everyone sends their best athletes in the competition. The USSR used to dominate Olympic sports in the 1940s all the way to the 1950s. Others tried to match them but to no avail. It was discovered that their impressive performance was due to extensive drug use, the likes of which has never been done until then. Everything was new and people struggled to keep astride. Testosterone was the drug of choice for their athletic program. Scientists took a keen interest in its effects and developed their own alternatives.

The 1950s: United States Plays Catch-up

Dr. John Ziegler from the US Olympic team learned of this USSR program and started working on his own drug. He worked in tandem with Ciba Pharmaceuticals to create the perfect performance enhancer. They made a compound that is now known by many as dianabol or d-bol. It was designed to have similar positive effects with testosterone but with reduced androgenicity. They were able to achieve their results with test subjects enjoying physical improvements fairly quickly. The US was no longer so far behind from the USSR as there was something even better here. The drug is not medicinal in nature but solely designed for performance enhancement.

Dianabol Becomes a Great Success

The effectiveness of the drug helped catapult it to success within a relatively short period. It rapidly spread to many different sports including body building and helped give birth to an incredible surge in performance across the board. It is still a favorite among many who buy Dianabol as their first foray into this process. People swear by the improvements in their game after using it according to the directions. They are all impressed that they could experience those gains in just a matter of weeks. Indeed, most cycles will have athletes taking the tablets for only 4 to 6 weeks at reasonable doses to prevent side effects.

Steroid Use Goes Mainstream

This steroid went mainstream with every from celebrities to the regular gym buff taking some. Of course, there are dangers to the drug as well as its side effects are large publicized. The US FDA began to crack down on Dianabol for sale citing the drug’s lack of therapeutic use. In the past, it was approved for the treatment of osteoporosis in post-menopausal women and pituitary dwarfism. This didn’t last however as the FDA’s endorsement was withdrawn in the 1980s. Ciba would be forced to discontinue the manufacture of Dianabol. It then became hard to buy Dbol but not impossible as stocks were high everywhere.

Current State of Dianabol

Of course, those stocks would not last. With the manufacturer’s, closure people were left wondering where they would get their next batch. The demand never really went down. In fact, it remains a popular steroid until today. It may not be legal to make this in the US but not elsewhere in the world. Others stepped up in the absence of Ciba to continue creating Dbol for sale. Those who buy D-bol must be made aware of the pros and cons. They should also find reliable D-bol for sale as they might be purchasing dangerous fakes in the market.