Also called nandrolone decanoate or at times just Deca, Deca Durabolin is maybe the most popular and well-known injectable anabolic steroid available, just next to testosterone. Almost all bodybuilding enthusiasts and amateurs have heard about the steroid, and experts believe the drug is crucial to muscle-building. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of Deca’s effects.


Deca 300, Deca 250, Deca 200 or Deca 50 can cause tremendous lean muscle mass promotions. But this doesn’t make the hormone a magic pill. The right diet is essential for achieving the growth. For growth, excess calories would be needed. In case the excess calorie consumption goes out of limits, increased body fat could become a problem. Most individuals would aspire to gain slight mass; however, the actual measurements may vary across individuals. Once the right caloric measure is found, Deca Durabolin’s effects would improve tissue growth. This is quite possible, thanks to the ability of the steroid to improve IGF-1 production and protein synthesis.

While these effects are strong, they’re unlikely to happen overnight or in a few days. The steroid doesn’t act too fast, and the significant gains won’t result in overall weight increase unlike the results associated with other steroids. But remember, weight doesn’t mean much, as most of them while on steroids is courtesy water retention. Therefore, don’t buy Deca Durabolin or look for Deca Durabolin for sale if you’re going to use it merely to increase weight. Buy Deca or purchase one when there’s Deca for sale if your objectives are much broader.

Though the drug’s effects are not immune from such fluid buildup, there are ways to keep things under control. For instance, anti-estrogens would help a great deal. Proper diet should also help.


The steroid’s effects during the cutting period could be quite beneficial. It won’t provide robust conditioning effects, but this doesn’t put the steroid out of the cutting domain. The drug is perfect for lean tissue preservation. For losing body fat, calorie consumption must be lower than the burn rate. But this puts the tissues of lean muscle at great risk. Irrespective of how properly planned your diet is, some amount of lean tissue is bound to be lost in case there isn’t any anabolic protectant present. Deca Durabolin helps reduce calories without affecting the lean tissue, and this isn’t the only positive attached to using the steroid during this period. The steroid’s therapeutic benefits are massive as well.

Therapeutic Effects

Regardless of why you’re using this bodybuilding drug, Deca Durabolin’s effects surrounding therapeutic benefits are immense. Several anabolic steroids can promote improved bone mineral content and collagen synthesis, but Deca happens to take this effect to another level. And this is why most people report relief from joint pain when on this steroid. As a result, complete recovery is enhanced greatly as well. Lean tissue gets repaired at a more efficient and faster rate. According to some studies, the steroid’s effects could also help with healing tendons and ligaments.


Deca’s impact on endurance, especially muscular endurance, is quite significant. Tiredness or fatigue would become less prominent an issue; and also muscles won’t bog down quickly under strenuous activity. The steroid isn’t renowned for increasing strength, but any amount of existing strength can be sustained for a longer period due to this steroid. This is possible because of Deca’s positive influence on RBC count. The hormone significantly augments red blood cell numbers, resulting in improved blood oxygenation. With protein synthesis, IGF-1 and nitrogen enhancement, there is great enhancement in overall muscular endurance.


It’s often assumed specific steroids are suitable for particular demographics. There is also a school of thought that believes repeating the same steroid across multiple cycles may stall the results or cause a saturation point. It’s not sure how well other steroids manage to refute these claims, but Deca certainly makes these assumptions look nothing more than plain rumors or myths.