Prohormones can transform your body and help you to grow bigger and stronger faster without going quite as hard 24/7. Hollywood puts a lot of pressure on male celebs to bulk up and look great – and these 5 celebs have been rumored to be on the pro hormone bandwagon. So who is using and who is not? You be the judge.

50 Cent

A quick look of any 50 Cent album cover and you will know instantly why everyone thinks this guy is on prohormones. He has seemed to grow larger with every appearance and he has made no secret of his commitment to fitness, even coming out with his own line of fitness water. It is safe to say that if 50 is not on a prohormone regimen that he probably lives in the gym. We cannot say we blame the guy. Strong is addictive!

Charlie Sheen

When you think of pro hormones… you probably do not think of Charlie Sheen. He’s pretty tiny and he really has never been that jacked up guy that makes you wonder what is going on behind the scenes. However, in his role in Major League as pitcher “Wild Thing” Vaughan, he admitted to having turned to prohormones for sale under the counter. He said that it was the thing that gave him the edge he needed to take his fast ball from 79 miles an hour to 85 – an impressive feat for a non-professional player.

Dwayne Johnson

When you think of celebrities who might be juicing it up… one of the first people you probably think of is The Rock. He honest to goodness looks like he lives on the strongest and best prohormone regimen and like he might eat dinosaurs for breakfast. However, Dwayne says that the only time he used a pro hormone was when he was 18 or 19. He and his friends all decided to buy prohormones to increase their gains and strength. While this helped to create the physique he is known for today, he now says that he prefers to do his building all naturally with dedication and hard work.


You remember 90’s Timberland – the chunky guy with the mad flow. Perhaps that is why we were all so shocked when he stepped out looked swole. While he is not as big as some of the other guys on our countdown, he had easy access to the best prohormones in Hollywood thanks to his connections to a doctor who was investigated for prescribing steroids to celebrities. That evidence is a little hard to ignore. The rumors just might be true here.

Tyler Perry

What the what?! Whoever thinks Tyler Perry is on steroids… is probably on more than steroids. Tyler Perry is fit in that normal guy kind of way. However, someone started a rumor that he was taking pro hormone supplements through his chiropractor… see – that makes it sound even crazier. It is safe to say that Tyler is probably not on steroids.

If you are considering buying prohormones for sale, remember to do your research. Know who you are buying from and what you are putting in your body – when you do, you will have a safe steroid cycle that will add health… not take away from it.