The best bulking cycle can take both your workout and your physique to a whole new level. During a bulking cycle, however, you have to be fueling your body with all of the calories and nutrients it needs for building and maintaining increased muscle mass. If you don’t, not only will you experience less than stellar gains, but you also run the risk of losing everything you’ve worked for as soon as you attempt to cut. Real builders know that what you do both before and during a bulking period can have a major impact on how good your body looks and performs. Following are five of the most common reasons why even the top steroid bulking stacks can fall short of your expectations.

You Start Your Stack Too Soon

Prohormones and steroids are commonly classed as performance enhancers. This makes people think that they’re automatically going to put them at peak performance as soon as they start taking them. In reality, however, you won’t reach your absolute peak with these products if you weren’t already maxing yourself out before using them. In short, you should be ripping it up in the gym already. If you are doing as much as you can possibly do before starting your bulking stack, these products are going to take you places that you’ve never been before. That is the whole point of using them. They’re supposed to help you move beyond your physiological limitations, rather than the limits of your own self-discipline or motivation.

You’re Eating The Wrong Foods

Nutritional strategy is one of the most important parts of bulking up. Too many of the wrong foods and you’ll be packing on loads of fat and hardly any lean muscle at all. More importantly, if you aren’t getting enough lean protein, your body isn’t going to be able to support the new muscle it’s trying to develop and it will probably start consuming this muscle for fuel. Don’t focus on the foods that you should be avoiding. Instead, focus on filling up on the things you need. By the time you’ve reached your lean protein and complex carb requirements, you’ll hardly have any room or appetite for junk food or fast food.

You Aren’t Flexible Enough In Your Bulking Cycles

To start with, never assume that the best bulking stack for your buddy is automatically going to be the best bulking stack for you. In fact, even before you start stacking, you should have a pretty solid understanding of how individual bulking products work with your body. You also have to be willing to listen to your body. Don’t start doubling up on a product if it’s standalone ingredients have never gotten you anywhere before. Pay attention to how your joints feel, your heart, your liver and your body overall. Read up on how people have lowered their doses to get more stamina in the gym without feeling tired, sore and fatigued. Ultimately, you need to find the right product for your body and then determine the best way to make this product work for you.

You Aren’t Training Hard Enough

Finally, your best bulking cycle will always come after an intense period of self-discipline. That’s right. You have to batter yourself into prime mental shape well ahead of your steroid bulking cycle if you’re to have any hope of making maximum gains. You cannot expect even the best bulking stack to serve as your motivation or to do something that you’re not. You have to be motivated independently. Expect the changes that a steroid produces to make you feel a bit under the weather over the first several days of use. Then remember that you have to keep pushing in spite of this feeling. If you don’t hit the gym hard and early on, you can easily get stuck in a rut of overeating and under-working. When you ‘re doing all the right things, a top-performing product will give you the physical ability to reach your bulking goals, even if these same goals were physiologically impossible before.