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Giving Back


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Providing workplace learning professionals with opportunities to grow the profession through:

  • Volunteer and leadership opportunities
  • Mentors for aspiring colleagues
  • Connections to share resources and knowledge

So, you want to maximize your investment in the chapter? You want to meet other training professionals? You're looking for growth opportunities? Get all this AND MORE by becoming a chapter volunteer!

  • Practice skills that are not utilized in your paid work and learn new skills that you can transfer to your paid work.
  • Make valuable professional contacts, advance your career and add prestigious ASTD work to your resume.
  • Find out what other companies are doing through meeting other workplace learning colleagues.
  • Be a part of cutting-edge issues.
  • Get reduced rates (or sometimes free) admission to programs (chapter members only).
  • Meet national speakers.
  • Find your next opportunity.
  • Find your next team member.
  • Gain professional development while working on a team.

To learn about specific volunteer opportunities, click here.