Effects Of Steroids Aka Roids – Mental And Performance-Related

Steroids not just affect the body but also the mind. The drug’s mental effects could be as hazardous as or even more dangerous than the related physical side effects. Generally, the emphasis is more on steroid’s physical effects, with the drug’s mental aspects often getting overlooked. We shall, therefore, focus on the effects of the drug on the human mind.


Psychosis is breaking away from reality. In the real world, a steroid user feels disconnected from his environment and is instead dwelling in his own virtual world. Within that dreamy world, he feels invincible, more powerful and capable of doing almost anything. And due to this state of psychosis, roid rage-related violence comes into the picture. When a legal steroids user’s strength or power is challenged or questioned, the person would do anything within his might to prove his adversaries wrong. In reality, however, the person who buys steroids online where there are steroids for sale and ends up using them won’t be aware of or able to comprehend what he’s up to.


Depression is a side effect commonly associated with roids. In fact, the depression can become so serious it could even lead to suicidal thoughts. Often, steroid users resort to other drugs for combating the several side effects steroids bring along to the table, such as depression. Also common is insomnia, which results in the steroid user abusing sleeping pills. And this drug abuse could lead to depression, which would only add more depth and intensity to the drug abuse cycle.


Mania is an emotion filled with complete euphoria – it’s quite like psychosis. When in a manic state, the individual could feel high. The person may also likely resort to impulsive, rash decision-making and violence. This could affect the steroid abuser’s social life negatively, which can result in other drug abuse and depression. During the manic stage, the user could turn extremely negative about everything and anything. For instance, the person could feel threatened when there’s none around. This could lead to loss of relationships and violence.

Effects on Training and Performance

Roids often get administered for their apparent positive effects. The drug accelerates healing and recovery and is often used when treating injuries. Several bodybuilders resort to legal steroids as it helps them with muscle strength and definition and lean muscle mass. Often, athletes use steroids for increasing their training regimen’s effectiveness.

Also, roids are used for enhancing sports performance and increasing training benefits. Despite the positive benefits, there are also detrimental effects connected to their usage. Steroid usage tremendously increases risks of tendon injuries and muscle tears. Muscle cramps also dramatically increase when using steroids, which could influence athletic performance and training regimens.

Using Steroids Wisely

Though anabolic steroids have positive influences and a strong position in the field of medicine and healthcare, their usage must only be under the supervision of a medical doctor. And long-term usage is not advised at all. Reports suggest use of steroid is on the rise among younger people. This could cause long-term health issues for such youth. Therefore, understand steroid usage effects completely before you buy steroids.