Anabolic steroids are artificial performance-enhancing substances which mimic testosterone, which is a natural hormone. They have been widely applied in the medical field to treat burns, cancer and AIDS patients. Many more illnesses like dwarfism and osteoarthritis are also treated using the substances.

Anabolic steroids are also excellent at helping people build lean mass, endurance and strength. Athletes use them to recover from injury after intense workouts. While roids are widely available online due to their tremendous popularity, possessing them without a doctor’s prescription is currently illegal in most countries.

Legal Steroids

As such, there’s a legal risk that comes with possession and use of the medication. Nevertheless, substitutes that mimic the effects of steroids have been developed. Legally, these are defined as any dietary supplement containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs and other botanicals.

These legal steroids still boost the production of testosterone in the body. However, it’s important to distinguish between these supplements and prescription medication like anabolic steroids. While the former increase the production of human growth hormone (HGH) and testosterone in the body, the latter are the hormones themselves, albeit in artificial form.

Where to Find Legal Steroids for Sale

One can buy steroids legally from various online sources. Despite their controlled status, there are still countries where one can find legal roids from reputable pharmaceutical firms. In Canada for instance, the law classifies anabolic steroids as Schedule IV substances. While these aren’t illegal to possess, the law only prohibits their distribution. In other countries, one can find steroids like dianabol, anadrol and testosterone.

While shopping for these substances, one will find several grades of products, namely underground and pharmaceutical grade. The former are produced illicitly on the black market. Most tend to be of questionable quality, hence one needs to exercise caution.
Generally, it would be advisable researching the best grade via online bodybuilding forums in order to find safe products. But how safe and reliable are the supplements typically found using online searches? There are some guidelines that could help.


The main reasons why people purchase legitimate steroids is to accumulate lean muscle but without the side effects of their illicit counterparts. If one is going to use reviews as a guide, it would be worthwhile checking the testimonials for a disclosure on any side effects the particular substance may carry. When shopping online, one can never be too careful. One should never hesitate to ascertain the safety record of each product in consideration.

Solid Company Reputation

Besides review, the manufacturer’s background should also be looked into. This applies even for those who are acquainted enough to purchase legal supplement. If the dealer operates online, it pays to check their reputation to ensure one gets their money’s worth.

Product Effectiveness

Once one knows where to buy, the next pertinent consideration would be the efficiency of the product. However, this area is a little complicated because people order steroids for different reasons. While all substances work to boost muscle mass in some way, there are some meant for burning fat or facilitating higher nitrogen retention.

To properly judge the efficiency of any steroids for sale, it’s important to make sure the products ordered are suitable for specific requirements. While researching, one may come across complaints claiming that certain products don’t work. This happens when substances are used for the wrong reasons. Taking time to research keenly can help avoid such issues.

While checking out reviews of steroids online, customer testimonials will be evident in most cases. These are usually in the form of before and after photos proving the efficacy and legitimacy of the products. Additionally, most users describe how they used the products and if it lives up to expectations.