Anavar or Oxandrolone is an anabolic androgenic steroid. It is considered safer compared to other steroids. It has high success rate among women users. It is a favorite with women looking for a steroid to improve physical performance. It is highly effective in both men and women. Due to its mild side effects, it can be used safely by women without major issues. While it has milder potency compared to other steroids, it offers its own advantages. Individuals not looking for high potency steroids can use it. People who are apprehensive of using steroids due to serious side effects can first try it to see how their body responds to steroid use. They can then move to higher potency steroids as required.

It is important to know that Anavar is also highly counterfeited product in the market. It should be purchased from a reliable seller. Another fact that buyers need to remember is that Anavar branded Oxandrolone was discontinued from production long time back. Any product being sold using this brand name is actually a form of Oxandrolone.

Anavar has been used extensively for its therapeutic benefits. It is helpful in aiding weight gain in patients who are just recovering from surgery or an infection. It can be used in any case where the person has suffered severe weight loss. Cancer and HIV patients are often given Anavar steroids to help them overcome their weight loss. It is an effective treatment in case of corticosteroid overexposure. It helps increase bone density and fight osteoporosis. At the same time, use of Anavar for such purposes is highly regulated in most countries due to legal definition of this steroid. This hormone has been used successfully in children whose body cannot produce hormones in the required amount. It is even prescribed in the treatment of some types of hepatitis.

Many such benefits of Anavar have positive impact even in users who are not suffering from such ailments. It is due to these benefits that Anavar pills, Anavar tablets and other forms of this steroid remain highly popular among performance enhancing athletes. While Anavar is a mild steroid, it has higher anabolic rating compared to the testosterone. While it is not as powerful as testosterone in muscle building, it receives high appreciation due to its lower androgenic nature. Anavar is beneficial in reducing sex hormone binding globulin glucocorticoid hormones.

Anavar steroids are taken orally. It provides high quality clean strength gains and hardened physique to the user. A good thing about Anavar anabolic steroid is that even though it is an oral steroid, it is not overly toxic to the internal organs. Due to its mild nature, it does not have many side effects. There is no body weight gain; rather, there is gain in lean and nice looking muscle. There may be some weight gain due to water retention but it is not a significant gain.

If Anavar is used alone, it has to be diluted properly before intake. Higher dosage can lead to side effects. Almost all types of body building cycles use Anavar due to its unique benefits, low potency and lower risks of side effects. It is the drug of choice for bodybuilders and athletes during the pre-contest phase. It can stay in the body almost six months after the person stop taking it.

There are many sellers that offer Anavar for sale. It is important to buy this product from a reliable supplier. It can be difficult to know if the product is real or fake. Only a well known supplier can provide genuine Anavar steroid products. Buyers should buy Anavar online only with the right prescription. They need to be aware of the legal requirements related to sale, purchase and possession of this steroid at their place.