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Web links to training-related resources are listed below.

Training and Development Organizations This is THE national site for training professionals. The annual State of the Industry report is worth the price of admission alone. The International Society for Performance Improvement site offers information about their organization as well as many articles on training and performance improvement. There is no longer a local chapter.
Training Resources and Ideas Don't let the site title "Big Dog's Bowl of Biscuits" turn you off. This site is simply loaded with references, information and ideas of value to trainers. A purely commercial site, Trainer's Warehouse is one-stop shopping for gadgets, gimmicks and accessories to spice up training presentations. Thiagi is considered by many to be the guru of experiential learning. The site is commercial, but also contains lots of free articles, exercises and other useful training ideas. Another training leader is Bob Pike. Enroll on his site and get little nuggets of his training wisdom delivered to you on a monthly basis. Great information on elearning trends as well as training "do's" and "don'ts". This is a commercial site for InFocus. While is does hawk InFocus wares, it has good articles to groom overall presentation skills. TeamNet is designed to help professionals working on teams develop interaction with one another. This site has a valuable page with links to other sites concerned with team development. This site was named by Alan Chapman referring to the juggling exercises he uses in his training. The site includes lots of good articles and exercises for trainers. Very useful stuff. If you are interested in the FISH philosophy, this is their site. They offer previews and purchases of their videos. A cable or DSL connection is recommended for viewing this site. Although this site is aimed at school age learning, it has provocative ideas of trainers to consider. The site centers on the work of Mel Levine, author of One Mind at a Time. The Educators Reference Desk provides resource links, a question and answer section, lesson plans on a wide variety of topics and the ability to do database searches for topics of interest. The Training Registry is free to associations and non-profits. You can create test, surveys and assessments online. Included is a directory of training workshops and resources. This commercial site has nice learning organization models. Just click on the open stair step link to the left of their home page. The Training and Development Community Center is rich in links to training resources. A fun site just to rummage around in. This is Training Magazine's site. Rich in material. Test Central is an online testing site where you can design and administer tests for your training program.
General Human Resources (national) (local)

The web site for the national Society for Human Resource Management features many timely articles related to general HR issues. Not much regarding specific training topics. This site has information on a wide variety of HR concerns. Good information for trainers to keep up on. This organization provides general HR services to clients. The site has links to some well written articles, including training topics. This magazine site provides a contemporary, global perspective on the challenges facing leaders and organizations today. Want more support? Be sure to check out their Company of Friends service. This is a non-profit private foundation designed to foster an awareness and appreciation of cultural differences in both the international and domestic arenas.
Organizational Development Keep track of what is going on in the field through this OD Network site. A good general resource for the practitioner.


The OD Institute is a non-profit organization whose site tracks the profession. Good articles. This commercial site has lots of useful material relating to OD and team building. Lots of practical ideas and tools.
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