American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) Cascadia Chapter Serving Oregon and Southwest Washington
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Geographical Interest Groups

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Special Interest Groups (SIGs)


Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are a means for Chapter members and others to meet and discuss areas of common and specific interest. There is no charge to attend regular SIG meetings and meetings are open to the public.

We also have a blog section for SIGs on our BlogCascadia.

Social Learning

You've heard about Blogs, Wikis, Social Communities, Podcasts, RSS...What are they? And can they be used for effective learning? Instead of meeting once a month in a physical location, this SIG will meet online, virtually, through BlogCascadia and other mediums. Join this SIG on a non-formal journey of learning in a new and largely unexplored area.

Learning Leaders

The Learning Leaders SIG is specifically for professionals who aspire to be a CLO, Training Director or Training Manager. This SIG offers a high-level conversation that focuses on providing its participants with executive level insight on how to be better and more effective at managing their training programs. The SIG offers monthly meetings and speakers that provide our participants with the insight and skills to effectively fine tune an education program.

Available in the Portland metro area.


The Transitions SIG is designed to support ASTD-Cascadia Chapter members and other members of the community who are contemplating or in the midst of a job change within the Oregon and SW Washington, training and development industry. These monthly meetings provide information on career planning and job search tools, industry updates, sharing job leads, building a professional network and mutual support.

Available in the Portland metro area.


Explores application of learning theories to the design of new media (multimedia, web-based training, distance learning, etc.) Technical details (i.e., firewalls, servers, programming) are not covered.

Available in the Portland metro area.

Mediation in the Workplace

Supports professional mediators and facilitators in the workplace.

Available in the Portland metro area.

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