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Each month, National ASTD prepares a newsletter with information that's hot off the press. Some information is free and some information is available for a price. If you decide to use the National ASTD bookstore, be sure to enter the chapter number of CH8029. Your Cascadia Chapter receives a portion of the proceeds (ChIPs Program).

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National ASTD provides the following free content as a service to chapters. Additional articles can be found by becoming a National ASTD member and receiving the T&D magazine as part of your National membership.

Date   Title   Author   Summary
May 2010   Whole Brain Thinking: Ignore It at Your Peril   Ann Herrmann-Nehdi  

Whole brain thinking has everything to do with employee performance. Think about how your customers’ brains learn when designing learning and performance programs.

Apr 2010   Changing the Game: The 9-Vector View of Human Performance   Maria Darby  

Multidimensional challenges require multidimensional solutions—a holistic approach to change management built on the foundation of nine primary disciplines.


Mar 2010

  Be More Innovative   Tony Bingham and Pat Galagan   Today businesses need to know how to absorb and pollinate great ideas. Dan Cathy, president and COO of Chick-fil-A, talks about why his company gets it.
Feb 2010   The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: Growing a Stronger Workforce   Sheila Murphy  

The experience of the Yuma Private Industry Council highlights notable opportunities for creating organizational renewal and growth within the workforce.

Feb 2010   Bridging the Skills Gap: New Factors Compound the Growing Skills Shortage   Pat Galagan  

Long-term benefits are possible when organizations obtain a big-picture understanding of the skills gap and what it means in today’s global business environment.

Jan 2010   eLearning: What's Old is New Again   Allison Rossett and James Marshall  

New data on e-learning usage do not signal the death of the classroom. And despite some of the buzz, the direction of e-learning has not shifted much over the past several years.


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