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CPLP GraphicCertified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP)

The CPLP credential is a nationally recognized certification developed by National ASTD to provide a way for experienced professionals in the training field to prove their value to employers and to build confidence and industry recognition of their knowledge and expertise in the field. Click here to visit the National ASTD CPLP web site and learn about all the requirements for the certification.

PSU partners with ASTD to provide professional development opportunity through CPLP preparation courses that allow participants to earn university credit and get outstanding university deals!

Earn recognition in your field and gain a competitive advantage by becoming a CPLP certified professional.

CPLP Exam Prep Course
ASTD Learning System included with registration of the course!
(set of 10 books worth over $500)
Instructor: Dan Vetter, CPLP, MS
Dates: Saturdays, 1/8, 2/5, 3/5 (9 a.m.-4 p.m. + online)
Fees: $975 for graduate credit, $580 for undergraduate credit
Fees including ASTD discount at the conference: $875 grad, $480 undergrad
Receive the books and the course for less than the normal cost of the books!

Register for the CPLP Exam Prep Course at Portland State University's exhibit and save $100! Discount available only to ASTD members who register for the class at the 2010 ASTD-Cascadia Regional Conference in October 2010.

CPLP Work Product Coaching Group - Info TBA

Register now!

  • Visit Current courses are listed with specific dates and times of classes and course numbers for registration.
  • For specific program information, including current program schedule, contact Toni Plato,, 503-725-4706.
  • To register, go to
  • For first-time PSU students, call 503-725-4832.

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