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Student Memberships


Are you currently going to school full-time? About to embark on a career in the workplace learning field? A student membership is just want you need to kick your career into high gear!

Not only do you get all the benefits of a regular ASTD - Cascadia Chapter membership at a fraction of the cost, you also can help build student club activities at your college or university. Student clubs are a great way to learn about interesting topics, network with colleagues and professionals in the field and uncover opportunities within our profession.

As a student member, you can:

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the student member rate, the individual must be enrolled as a full-time student, as defined by their university or college, in their most recently completed term. It must be in a field related to workplace learning and documentation (such as enrollment certification) from the institution must be provided before membership is finalized. Some exceptions have been made and are listed below.

School Level Hours
Oregon State University Undergraduate 12 or more credits
  Graduate 9 or more credits
  Masters of Adult Ed Current student in AE Specialist Program, 2 Year Regional Cohort
Portland State University Undergraduate 12 or more credits
  Graduate 9 or more credits
  Training and Development Certificate Program 6 or more credits

Student Rates

The new student member fee will be pro-rated depending upon the quarter in which you join. 

  • If you join in Oct - Dec, you pay $45.
  • If you join in Jan - Mar, you pay $33.75.
  • If you join in Apr - Jun, you pay $22.50.
  • If you join in Jul - Sep, you pay $11.25.

Your fee carries you through the end of October.  Fees are pro-rated depending upon the time of year that you join. All members renew in October. The renewal fee for students will be determined each fall.

Each individual receives a unique membership number. These numbers are not transferable to others. Student members also receive a special code for $10 off any and all chapter programs.

Click here to access the special student membership application.

NEW!!! Student Scholarship Program

Effective February 2013, the Cascadia Chapter started a scholarship program for students who meet the above criteria. We will donate 50% of our ChIPS revenue to a student scholarship program. This scholarship covers the fee for new and current student members.

Criteria for selection includes:

  • Available to new or current student member (new members will need to be vetted for meeting our student membership criteria before membership takes effect).
  • Completion of an application to receive the credit. Applications include contact information and a short essay on the value of chapter membership for them. Click here for the online application.
  • Awardees would agree to have their name and testimonial used in marketing. They would also be expected to become active members of the chapter by attending programs, volunteering, writing articles for the newsletter or other activities.
  • Awards would be made on a first-come, first-served basis each quarter. However, selections would be at the discretion of the Membership committee.


  • Credit would be for amounts up to $45 (cost of a full year student membership; other costs pro-rated depending upon when someone joins). The amount would be dependent upon the total funds available from the ChIPs program and the number of applicants.
  • The credit must be used within one year of the award.
  • Each person would be allowed to receive no more than two awards.
  • Awardees would not actually receive the money but would be credited towards their membership

National Membership

Membership in the national organization of ASTD is separate from Chapter membership. However, student chapter members can obtain a full national membership for only $59. Click here for details.

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