American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) Cascadia Chapter Serving Oregon and Southwest Washington
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National ASTD Membership

Costs and Processing


Membership Year

Our membership year runs from October of one year through September of the next. Dues for new members are pro-rated for their first year based on the timetable below.

If you join in September, please contact the ASTD Office for special information.

New Member Fees

Your new member fee will be pro-rated depending upon the quarter in which you join. 

If you join in Oct - Dec, you pay $85.
   ($70 plus $15 processing fee)

If you join in Jan - Mar, you pay $67.50.
   ($52.50 plus $15 processing fee)

If you join in Apr - Jun, you pay $50.
   ($35 plus $15 processing fee)

If you join in Jul - Sep, you pay $32.50.
   ($17.50 plus $15 processing fee)

Your new member fee carries you through mid-November of the year that you join.

Student Memberships

ASTD-Cascadia Chapter now has student memberships. Full time students will be able to join at reduced rates. Click here for details.

Chapter Membership and National Membership

You do not have to be a member of national ASTD to belong to the Cascadia Chapter and vice versa. Click here for information on joining National ASTD.

New Member Application and Processing

Upon receipt of your membership application and payment in the ASTD office, the information you provide will be entered into a database. A member number will be assigned to you and you will be sent an HTML email with that number and information about the various benefits and services provided by the Chapter. 

Applications are generally processed within 24 hours of receipt and are processed during normal business hours (1 - 3 pm, Mon - Thurs).

Individual memberships and the benefits that accrue are not transferable to another individual, organization or ASTD Chapter. 

For corporate discounts, please contact the ASTD office for details.

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