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Board Recruitment


Each year, members of the ASTD-Cascadia Chapter have the opportunity to vote on a new Board of Directors. The Nominating Committee has opened the recruitment process and is actively seeking nominees for all board positions. If you are interested or know of someone who would be a great asset to the Board, please let them know about this great opportunity. The application deadline is August 6, 2012.

Benefits of Being a Board Member

  • Be part of a group with rich workplace learning knowledge where you will teach each other and learn from each other.
  • Shape the focus and operations of the Chapter.
  • Learn about nonprofit management.
  • Learn about recruiting, training, and retaining volunteers.
  • Network with local business leaders and key leaders in our industry.

Board Positions
Open board positions and their terms for the 2012 - 2013 election cycle are listed below.

  • President-Elect (2012 – 2013)
  • Director of Partner Relationship (2012 - 2014)

Click here to view all position requirements and expectations.

Board Requirements

  • For President-Elect - Served at least one year in a Chapter leadership role in the past three years. In work with the chapter or other organizations has demonstrated skills in effective communication, building a cohesive team, managing multiple projects and critical thinking (view Chapter Leader Competency Model).
  • For all other Directors – One year active Cascadia or other ASTD Chapter member (may include a leadership role, volunteering on committees, short term projects, attending multiple events, etc.) in the past three years.
  • Commitment to fulfill term noted above beginning November 1, 2012 with on-boarding activities beginning in September 2012.
  • Be able and willing to attend all Board meetings as well as various programs. Board meetings will be at least quarterly and may be as often as monthly.
  • Be able to attend two Board retreats (one in September and the other in the spring).
  • Attend the Regional Conference in October 2012 and 2013, providing support as directed by the Conference Committee.
  • Be a representative for ASTD-Cascadia in the community.
  • Learn various aspects of chapter operations and volunteer management including Chapter history, policies and procedures, current practices and bylaws.
  • Maintain current Chapter and National memberships (the Chapter will provide a partial subsidy for the National membership).
  • Have Internet access and an active email account that accepts multiple attachments.
  • Have access to software such as MS Office (i.e., Word, Excel, etc) or compatible program.

The time commitment will depend on the specific position and can vary from an hour a week to several hours per week.

Recruitment Process - For the 2012 - 2013 Nomination Process
The recruitment process is coordinated by the 2012 Nominating Committee consisting of:

  • Pamela Moore, President-Elect, Nominating Committee Chair
  • Grant Axtell, Chapter President
  • Liza Greene, Past President (2008)
  • Sue Edwards, CPLP

All interested nominees must complete the Board Member Application form and email it to Pam Moore at no later than August 6, 2012.

Recruitment Calendar

Date   Activity

July 16

  Nomination process opens
August 6  

Deadline to submit Board Application form to Pam Moore at Submit file as LAST NAME, POSITION APPLYING FOR.

Week of August 6   Nominating Committee reviews applications against the board leadership competencies and specific board roles to determine if the nominee has the required skillset for a specific position.

Week of August 6  

Nominating Committee will interview qualified nominees to determine if the nominee is a fit with the board and the Chapter as a whole. Specific questions will be developed and a forced ranking process will be used to narrow the slate of candidates.

August 13


Sale of candidates finalized; all nominees notified of decision.


August 14 - 25


Elections (all Chapter members eligible to vote)


Week of September 4


Candidates notified of election results.


Week of September 10  

Chapter members notified of election results.


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