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Photo of PeopleSeries denotes a number of two-day classroom-based courses offered cooperatively by ASTD-Cascadia Chapter and Portland State University (PSU) Continuing Education Department (along with the Graduate School of Education).

After completing a course participants have the opportunity to receive one college credit by paying a nominal fee and completing a follow-on assignment. Each elective credit can be used for their Training and Development Certificate or other related certificates and degrees. Each course has a designated lead instructor who works with those taking the course for credit.

Additional information on all PSU's workplace learning programs can be found on their website.

Fundamentals of Training

All four sessions are geared towards those new in the workplace learning field or for those who seek an overview of these topics. The 4 sessions are:

  1. Needs Assessment
  2. Presentation Skills
  3. Training Methodologies
  4. Course Design

Each session is 3and 1/2 hours in length and is facilitated by a highly skilled instructor for that specific session.

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eLearning Strategies

The intended audience is:
**Those wishing to break into the eLearning arena
**Training professionals who are planning on introducing or expanding the use of eLearning in their organization's training efforts
**Senior leaders and training managers who are responsible for funding or approving eLearning in their organizations

This course is NOT designed for developers who want technical and development specifics.

The eLearning Strategies course provides an overview of the strategic imperatives, issues and types of decision required when implementing eLearning programs.

The course emphasizes a strategic perspective rather than building hands-on technical expertise.

The course is designed for one person to take all 4 sessions. The 4 sessions are:

  1. Foundations Concepts in eLearning
  2. Designing eLearning Programs
  3. The eLearning Development Process
  4. Learning Management Systems

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Managing Learning and Development Projects

This is a new course being developed from the ground up by a group of dedicated volunteers with specialties in instructional design as well as the subject matter.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the key characteristics of learning and development projects and how they differ from traditional projects.
  • Utilize the Learning and Development Project Lifecycle as a framework for planning and managing your learning and development projects.
  • Translate a learning/training need into a business case and a learning and development project plan.
  • Identify the key stakeholders in the content design/development process and learn how to manage their tasks effectively.
  • Review the outcomes and success of your learning and development project and successfully close out your project.

This course is expected to be completed by the winter of 2010.

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