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Other Workplace Learning Events


Photo of Classroom TrainingListings in this section are paid advertisements for events deemed to be of interest to the workplace learning profession. We make no claim as to the value or content or any program listed.

To advertise on this page, click here for the online order form. Your information will be listed on this page and in our monthly enewsletter which is sent out towards the end of each month. The cost for one listing $40 for chapter members, $60 for nonprofits and partner organizations, and $75 for nonmembers and for profits.

Date Program and Details
November 5-6 Topic: Annual Conference: Why Hasn’t the World Gotten to Yes? Building Bridges, Finding Common Ground
Location: Portland, Oregon
Speakers: Carrie Menkel-Meadow, J.D. plus 30 workshops
Cost: Varies
Sponsor: Oregon Mediation Association
Contact: OMA
November 12-14 Topic: Global Competencies Inventory (GCI): Qualifying Seminar
Location: Mark Spencer Hotel, Portland, Oregon
Speaker: Joyce Osland
Cost: $1,500
Sponsor: Intercultural Communication Institute
Contact: ICI
January 5 - 15, 2011 Topic: Basic Mediation Training
Location: Portland, Oregon
Speaker: Christopher Sheesley
Cost: $1,000 - $1,350
Sponsor: Resolutions Northwest
February 14 - 18, 2011 Topic: ROI Certification
Location: Seattle, Washington
Speakers: Jack Phillips, PhD and Patti Phillips, PhD
Sponsor: Corbis
Contact: ROI Institute

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