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Photo Suzanne BaderKathleen Bergquist, Executive Director

Chapter Goals for 2012

The small but nimble chapter board has set ambitious goals for the chapter for this year. We are excited about the new programs and projects we've started. And, we wouldn't be able to even think about such an ambitious agenda without our Chapter Leadership team. The various program chairs have done an outstanding job getting cutting edge programs lined up and our volunteer chair just decided to join the Board! Thank you all!

Let me give you an idea of the progress we've made with our 2012 Goals in the past 6 months:

Oversight by an Executive Director
Effective November 1, yours truly became the Executive Director and it's been great fun being able to take charge, meet with our outstanding leaders and volunteers and create meaningful projects and events.

Membership Costs and Benefits
We are having quarterly chapter leadership meetings (instead of just board meetings) where the board asks for feedback from the full chapter leadership in a number of areas. We've sent emails to ask non-renewing members from 2011 and 2010 to rejoin. We'll incorporate a tiered approach to membership when the website is updated. The Director of Board Operations and I are developing an action plan to get more national members to become chapter members (part of a National ASTD requirement). We're also in discussion about how to expand our student membership.

Increase Revenue
By introducing reduced pricing for our Learning Events, we've increased registrations. By having a special event with Tom Kuhlmann (elearning savant), we'll be bringing in some larger dollar amounts. And, by bringing the conference back to Portland and reducing the registration fee, we're hoping that we'll bring some money into the coffers. So far, this year, we have not had to borrow against the savings account and that's a great position to be in.

Low Cost Learning Events
We've cut the cost of our Learning Events (formerly called Monthly Programs) for chapter members from $49 to $20. That's nearly a 50% decrease! It's one way we can make these events more affordable for chapter members in these still uncertain economic times. We're also advertising our Punch Card process (for chapter members only - attend 5 Learning Events and get 1 free).

Networking Opportunities
LinkedIn is now for current chapter members only (eliminates over-the-top marketing). Free networking open to the public has been reinstituted and scheduled for 3 times this year. Members-only meetings have also been scheduled for 4 times this year. And, we're working on other types of networking events.

Chapter Communication
This is an ongoing project for this year. We've streamlined our Monday Mailer and Monthly Newsletter to try and keep the volume of email down. We are using various online media to get the word out about our events. (Thanks to Erin Holbrook for doing the online posting!) We still want to take a look at all the communication avenues, freshen the look and feel, and research new website platforms.

Chapter Partnerships
A great conversation at the last chapter leadership meeting was about the various formal chapter partnerships we've developed over the last year. Pam Moore, President Elect and I were charged by the leadership to review these agreements. We'll be developing a survey and asking you, the member, what you want. Then we'll develop criteria for the agreements based on your feedback. Pam and I will get in touch with every partner and review the appropriateness and usefulness of the agreement. We'll keep you posted as we go along in this process.

Additional Projects
We just received word that we have been designated an Approved Provider by the HRCI. This means we'll be able to offer almost all our events for HRCI recertification credit. Our members who hold the SPR, SPHR or GPHR designations will be able to get their credits through us. It also means that our SHRM partners will be able to send their members to our events for such credits.

Another project we have in the pipeline is increasing revenue by doing a better job of letting our members (and national members in our area) know about the Chapter Incentive Programs (ChiPs). Anyone doing business with National ASTD can help us raise money merely by including our chapter code of CH8029 on their purchase. No cost to you and helps your chapter!

This year, we also formalized tracking our programs for CPLP credits. Anyone who is a chapter member and a CPLP receives a year-end spreadsheet with the information about which programs they attended and how many CPLP credits they received.

So, the board and chapter leadership are excited about our goals, our progress and what else we have in the pipeline. There's always something happening! Stay tuned!

Kathleen Bergquist
Executive Director
ASTD-Cascadia Chapter

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