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Annual Goals - 2008


The ASTD-Cascadia Chapter is entering its second year under the revised board structure. As learning and development professionals, we recognize that change is stimulating. We also are highly aware that change brings about a need for streamlining and continuity of best practices. Thus, as we continue to support our members, the board is focusing on the following four areas in 2008:

1. Professional Development…Specifically, what do our members need to further develop their professional skills? What types of programs should we provide to the learning and development community? How can we incorporate national initiatives, such as CPLP certification, into our professional development?

2. Networking…What networking opportunities do our members want to participate in? How often should they be offered? How should networking be incorporated into our current programs? What are the value propositions for networking programs?

3. Giving Back…How can we support our current and potential volunteers? Why do our members want to give back to the community? What are opportunities to stretch and advance our membership? How can we partner with local organizations? Who are we not reaching out to?

4. Business Development…How do we support both internal and external members to identify employment, consulting, and other growth prospects? How can we continue to be a thriving chapter – both fiscally and programmatically?

Each board member has linked their annual objective(s) to at least on of these four goals. For more detail, click here.

We invite you to partner with us as we further develop these four focus areas. Your thoughts and time are both highly valued. If you would like to volunteer or have any questions about the future direction of the Chapter, please do not hesitate to call me, or any of our board members.

Liza Greene
2008 President
ASTD-Cascadia Chapter

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